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Agrifence 140cm Megapost White Pack Of 40

Agrifence 140cm Megapost White - Pack Of 40A very robust self-insulating post with a new reinforced ..

£121.60 Ex Tax: £121.60

Agrifence 9v Dry Battery 90AH

Agrifence 9v Dry Battery 90AHfor use as internal battery for energisers Non-rechargable air-alkaklin..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95

Agrifence Circuit Breaker Switch

Professional circuit breaker with 4 operating positions..

£9.15 Ex Tax: £9.15

Agrifence DP1210 Dual 12v Energiser

A best selling 12v energiser. Power with simplicity. The easy 'connect & go' design of the DP121..

£141.65 Ex Tax: £141.65

Agrifence HPX Ring Insulator

Agrifence HPX Ring Insulator - Pack Of 25Insulator for rope, wire and tapes up to 20mm wide. Ring re..

£8.55 Ex Tax: £8.55

Agrifence Long Earth Rod 1m

Coated and hardened steel earth stake with unique clamp for easier installation and removal.1 meter ..

£10.90 Ex Tax: £10.90

Agrifence Maxicord Braided Rope

Agrifence Maxicord Braided Rope200mVery safe for animals with a low breaking strength of 225kg and a..

£58.30 Ex Tax: £58.30

Agrifence Micro 3 Energiser

Light And Portable Energiser For Short Temporary Fence Lines. Hangs Directly Off Of The Fence Or Fro..

£87.95 Ex Tax: £87.95

Agrifence Secur 2100 Mains Energiser HTE

Simple and compact mains energiser for general farm and livery use on medium length fence lines and ..

£122.50 Ex Tax: £122.50

Agrifence Secur Easyline 3 Polywire

Agrifence Secur Easyline 3 Polywire2mm X 250 MetreBasic Electric FenceWire For Short Grazing or Anti..

£8.70 Ex Tax: £8.70

Agrifence Secure 25 Energiser

Smart and advanced with variable power output makes the Secur 25 a good lower powered training energ..

£141.65 Ex Tax: £141.65

Agrifence Solar Energiser SP18 2km Fenceline

Agrifence Solar Energiser SP18 ( 2km Fenceline)All-in-One Solar Powered EnergiserThese compact, robu..

£239.99 Ex Tax: £239.99

Agrifence Super Gate Handle

Extra large heavy duty gate handle for maximum insulation. Internal compression spring protects agai..

£3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50

Agrifence White Easytape 12mm 200m

Agrifence White Easytape 12mm X 200mOpen weave tape to allow air to pass through and reduce 'whippin..

£14.15 Ex Tax: £14.15

Agrifence White Easytape 40mm 200m

Agrifence White Easytape 40mm X 200m..

£34.15 Ex Tax: £34.15

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