Cavallo horse and rider

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Cavallo Barrel Endurance Saddle Pad

This Saddle Pad is already shaped to your horse’s top line, allowing ample wither space. Memory foam..

£176.00 Ex Tax: £176.00

Cavallo Big Foot

The Cavallo Big Foot Boot is just that - big! Produced in the same style as the Cavallo Regular Sole..

£138.00 Ex Tax: £138.00

Cavallo Big Foot Boot Pastern Wrap

For use with the Big Foot Boot offering more comfort and protection...

£21.55 Ex Tax: £21.55

Cavallo Cute Little Boot

The Cavallo Cute Little Boot is just that - cute! Made from a heavy duty, industrial grade 1680 Deni..

£70.00 Ex Tax: £70.00

Cavallo English All Purpose Performance Enhanced Saddle Pad

Firm poly fiber sheets inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts create internal stabili..

£116.00 Ex Tax: £116.00

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