Competition Breeches

Competition Breeches

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Breeches Jill anti-slip full seat

These chic breeches have a very feminine appearance. This is because of the high waist model an the ..

£88.87 Ex Tax: £88.87


product specification: - kids size up to 158 with adjustable waistband- soft and comfortable- e..

£30.95 Ex Tax: £30.95

Horses Cloud Ladies Breeches

Made of stretch fabric, super comfortable. They have knee patches for more stability. Lycra inserts ..

£98.00 Ex Tax: £98.00

Horses Danielle Ladies Breeches

 The Horses Danielle Ladies Breeches are innovative and youthful. Made of stretch fabric, anato..

£95.50 Ex Tax: £95.50

Horses Hexagon Ladies Breeches

Riding breeches mod. Exagon. They are made of Kool-X stretch tech..

£69.99 Ex Tax: £69.99

Layla Breeches

Horses "Layla" Riding Breeches for ladies.Features: Breeches made of stretch and fitted technical fa..

£92.00 Ex Tax: £92.00

Light Crystal Breeches

Horses Ladies breeches "Light Crystal" belong to the Horses line 2014 and give a touch of ..

£74.00 Ex Tax: £74.00

Louise Breeches

The Horses Louise Ladies Breeches are simple but super comfortable and suitable for every discipline..

£98.00 Ex Tax: £98.00

Rhinegold Elite Contrast Stitch Breeches

RRP: £59.50These brand new Elite Breeches have been designed to be comfortable, practical and have c..

£59.50 Ex Tax: £59.50

Toulon Breeches

- breathable- fast moisture absorption- soft and comfortable- machine washable at 30 degrees- suitab..

£61.99 Ex Tax: £61.99