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Turnout Rugs

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400gm Full neck turnout

Horses paddock rug mod. Turnout Full Neck 400gr .Covered with waterpro..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95

Eco light turnout rug

- waterproof- windproof- dirt resistant- guaranteed breathable: 3.000 ml m²/24 h- waterproof fabric ..

£52.70 Ex Tax: £52.70

Rhinegold Aspen Full Neck Outdoor Rug

Rhinegold ‘Aspen’ Full Neck Outdoor Rug 4'6 -7'3RRP: £78.50Now £59.99The popular Aspen has a 1000 de..

£59.99 Ex Tax: £59.99

Rhinegold Dottie Torrent Outdoor Rug For Foals Tiny Ponies

Rhinegold ‘Dottie Torrent’ Outdoor Rug For Foals/Tiny Ponies 3'6 - 4'3This rug features 600 denier r..

£33.95 Ex Tax: £33.95

Rhinegold Elite Polar Outdoor Rug

Rhinegold Elite Polar Outdoor RugRRP: £108.50This Gorgeous new Winter Rug in 1680 denier outer is wa..

£108.50 Ex Tax: £108.50

Rhinegold Elite with neck

Rhinegold Elite Storm Rug With Waterproof Stretch Chest Panel-NECK COVER INCLUDEDRRP: £89.50This bea..

£89.50 Ex Tax: £89.50

Rhinegold Glacier Full Neck Outdoor Rug

RRP: £72.50The heavyweight Glacier features a 1000 denier ripstop, waterproof breathable outer. It h..

£72.50 Ex Tax: £72.50

Rhinegold Konig medium turnout

Rhinegold Breathable ‘Konig’ Outdoor RugRRP: £44.95One of our best selling rug lines for over 20 yea..

£44.95 Ex Tax: £44.95

Rhinegold Konig pony foal rug

Rhinegold ‘Konig’ Small Pony/Foal Outdoor RugRRP: £37.50The small pony version has all the same feat..

£37.50 Ex Tax: £37.50

Rhinegold Spot Torrent Turnout

Rhinegold ‘Spot Torrent’ Outdoor Rug 4'6 -7'0RRP: £36.95Fun spots adorn this Torrent rug with the us..

£36.95 Ex Tax: £36.95

Rhinegold Star Design Torrent’Outdoor Rug

RRP: £36.95This striking star patterned rug offers the same spec as our plain Torrent. With a 600 de..

£36.95 Ex Tax: £36.95

Rhinegold Torrent Full Neck Outdoor Rug

Rhinegold ‘Torrent’ Full Neck Outdoor RugRRP: £46.50This lightweight Torrent rug is perfect for show..

£46.50 Ex Tax: £46.50

Rhinegold Torrent Lightweight Outdoor Rug

Rhinegold ‘Torrent’ Lightweight Outdoor RugSPECIAL OFFER £30.00Our best selling lightweight rug for ..

£30.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Rhinegold Zeus Neck Cover

New larger design neck cover to give extra coverage and to eliminate drafts. Double fixture ensures ..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00