Full range of products for Icelandic horses.

We have a selected range of bridles, headcollars, rugs and much more.

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Icelandic Basic bridle

This basic model Icelandic bridle is made of high quality materials. With silver coloured hardware a..

£44.90 Ex Tax: £44.90

Icelandic Chique bridle

Icelandic bridle with small wave browband covered with big black rhinestones in silver hardware. The..

£62.80 Ex Tax: £62.80

Icelandic Eczema rug

This eczema rug is especially made for Icelandic horses. The rug protects the horse agains insect bi..

£69.70 Ex Tax: £69.70

Icelandic Bling bridle

Icelandic bridle with double wave browband covered with silver coloured rhinestones. The noseband is..

£58.40 Ex Tax: £58.40

Icelandic braided bridle

Icelandic bridle with subtle decoration consisting of a braided noseband and browband. Silver colour..

£49.50 Ex Tax: £49.50

Icelandic Fleece rug

Luxury fleece rug in the colours of the Icelandic flag. The rugs features double front closures with..

£34.80 Ex Tax: £34.80

Icelandic headcollar

Striped synthetic head collar in the colours of the Icelandic flag. With soft neoprene padding under..

£11.30 Ex Tax: £11.30

Icelandic Saddle pad

Saddle shaped saddle pad with a fit modified for Icelandic saddles. With an absorbent lining. Both t..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95

Icelandic stirrup irons

These S-shaped stirrups are safe because the foot slips easily out of the stirrup during a fall. The..

£30.50 Ex Tax: £30.50