First Aid

First Aid

Here at Flair Equestrian we understand the importance of being able to keep our horses healthy.

Whether you need to clean a cut or your horse suffers from mud fever 

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Leovet Bio Skin Oil

Natural ingredients like marigold, carrot and St. John's worth regenerate and restore damaged skin a..

£20.70 Ex Tax: £20.70

Carr&Day Killitch 25 %

Killitch 25% W/V cutaneous emulsion is an excellent product for preventing, reducing and t..

£29.40 Ex Tax: £29.40

Carr&Day Wound Cream

The healing Wound Cream is an excellent quality cream useful to aid the natural healing process..

£14.05 Ex Tax: £14.05

Equilibrium Products Skin Soother

Help soothe skin irritations gently and naturallyNew Skin Soother is a natural cooling gel..

£16.62 Ex Tax: £16.62


Hibiscrub is an antibacterial wash containing chlorhexidine gluconate which is effective against a w..

£8.22 Ex Tax: £8.22

Leovet Cellsius Gel

Retains the cool-down effect achieved by a quick hosing down of the horse's leg. Stimulates fast rec..

£13.99 Ex Tax: £13.99

Leovet No Rub

No Rub frees from dandruff, relieves itching, thereby preventing frayed long hair, bald tail root an..

£14.35 Ex Tax: £14.35

Leovet Silver Ointment

Effective for all kinds of wounds and against mud fever. Colloidal silver ions have an antiseptic ef..

£10.80 Ex Tax: £10.80

Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray

Creates a protective film against wound secretions, sweat, urine, water and other harmful influences..

£10.25 Ex Tax: £10.25

Lincoln Antibacterial Green Gel

A soothing water resistant antibacterial barrier for minor cuts and abrasions. Containing the powerf..

£13.31 Ex Tax: £13.31

Lincoln Arnica Cream

For application to all types of bruising resulting from injuries or knocks and for applications to s..

£19.86 Ex Tax: £19.86

Lincoln Equo-Scrub

A powerful antibacterial skin cleanser which also can be used as a general skin disinfectant. Use to..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £7.50

Lincoln Fungiklenz

An effective antifungal shampoo offering unrivalled ability to deep cleanse the coat, removing stubb..

£8.49 Ex Tax: £8.49

Lincoln Hoof Disinfectant

Powerful dual action water based antibacterial formula. Remains active in the presence of organic ma..

£8.14 Ex Tax: £8.14

Lincoln Insecticidal Lice Control Powder

A ready to use permethrin based insecticidal powder of low mammalian toxicity which combines rapid k..

£18.03 Ex Tax: £18.03