Equestrian Sets

Equestrian Sets

Shop matching equestrian sets including saddle pads and horse veil sets. We stock a variety of styles and colours to stand out whilst riding and ensure you and your horse stay comfortable at all times. Our equestrian sets are used for all styles of riding. Protect your horses sensitive areas with   saddle pads and horse veil sets. Our equestrian sets are perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. 

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Horses Glam Saddle Pad + Fly Hood Set

Set of Horses Glam Saddle Pad + Horses Glam Fly Hood. Saddle pad thicker for extra comfort. Wave qui..

£59.00 Ex Tax: £59.00

Horses Gloss Saddle Pad + Fly Hood Set

Innovative, professional, contemporary... IT'S HORSES GLOSS GRIP-NO-SLIP SYSTEM Saddle Pad! With Sil..

£88.00 Ex Tax: £88.00

Horses Henry Saddle Pad Set

 The Horses "Henry" Saddle Pad is sporty and of quality. Made of quilted fabric, it has the par..

£42.99 Ex Tax: £42.99