Horse Stable & Yard Equipment

Browse our extensive range of horse stable and yard equipment, perfect for making your horse’s home comfortable, welcoming and safe. We offer electric fencing, grooming, nutrition, first aid, stable toys and treats. Keep your horse stable running in peak performance and keep your horse healthy with our great collection. Flare Equestrian offers affordable, high quality horse stable and yard equipment that suits all budgets.

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40L Large Black Flexible Gorilla Tub

40 Litre Gorilla TubTubtrugs® Original are 100% recycled from strong but flexible materials such as ..

£12.95 Ex Tax: £12.95

Agrifence 140cm Megapost Green Pack Of 10

Agrifence 140cm Megapost Green Only  - Pack Of 10A very robust self-insulating post with a new ..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £40.00

Agrifence 9v Dry Battery 90AH

Agrifence 9v Dry Battery 90AHfor use as internal battery for energisers Non-rechargable air-alkaklin..

£49.95 Ex Tax: £49.95

Agrifence DP1210 Dual 12v Energiser

A best selling 12v energiser. Power with simplicity. The easy 'connect & go' design of the DP121..

£152.65 Ex Tax: £152.65

Agrifence Green Easytape 40mm x 200m

Agrifence Green Easytape 40mm X 200mOpen weave tape to allow air to pass through & reduce 'whipp..

£45.50 Ex Tax: £45.50

Agrifence HPX Ring Insulator

Agrifence HPX Ring Insulator - Pack Of 25Insulator for rope, wire and tapes up to 20mm wide. Ring re..

£10.95 Ex Tax: £10.95

Agrifence Long Earth Rod 1m

Coated and hardened steel earth stake with unique clamp for easier installation and removal.1 meter ..

£12.95 Ex Tax: £12.95

Agrifence Maxicord Braided Rope

Agrifence Maxicord Braided Rope200mVery safe for animals with a low breaking strength of 225kg and a..

£62.45 Ex Tax: £62.45

Agrifence Micro 3 Energiser

Light And Portable Energiser For Short Temporary Fence Lines. Hangs Directly Off Of The Fence Or Fro..

£89.95 Ex Tax: £89.95

Agrifence Secur 2100 Mains Energiser HTE

Simple and compact mains energiser for general farm and livery use on medium length fence lines and ..

£146.95 Ex Tax: £146.95

Agrifence Solar Energiser SP18 2km Fenceline

Agrifence Solar Energiser SP18 ( 2km Fenceline)All-in-One Solar Powered EnergiserThese compact, robu..

£220.45 Ex Tax: £220.45

Agrifence Super Gate Handle

Extra large heavy duty gate handle for maximum insulation. Internal compression spring protects agai..

£5.25 Ex Tax: £5.25

Agrifence White Easytape 120mm x 200m

Agrifence White Easytape 20mm X 200mOpen weave tape to allow air to pass through and reduce 'whippin..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £24.00

Coloured Gorilla Tubs 38 Litres

Coloured Gorilla Tubs - 38 LitresExcellent feed and water buckets, food grade and non-toxic making t..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Electric fence braid Easy 250 m roll

- UV protection- Breaking load 95 KG- 3 x 0,2mm stainless steel + 3 x 0,25mm copper wire- 0,11 ohm r..

£21.99 Ex Tax: £21.99